Monday, August 3, 2009

The worst song of all time?

In the wake of Michael Jackson's death, I found myself rewatching "We are the World," cheesy as I've always thought of it as being, and realizing that while not having the most profound of lyrics, and having a facile, borderline maddening chorus melody, it is pretty damn catchy. Which is the point. Other points: bringing together an absurd collection of musical genius: Stevie! MJ! Hall! Oates! and raising desperately needed money for desperate Ethiopians.
Then there's "Voices that Care." Somehow I avoided seeing this as a child, or did see it and then scrubbed it out of my memory with steel wool. I went my whole life blissfully unaware of its existence, until today. The assembly of early-90's soulless dorkery made me incredulous that I wasn't watching a Team America parody song. But that movie makes fun of clueless Hollywood lefties. This one's even more trite, clueless, and takes "caring" to mean our brilliantly successful first Gulf War. How could you, Will Smith?

The one below is brilliant in comparison, right?